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Celebrate Independence Day with Rend Lake Electric E-Bike & Paddleboard Rentals! Fireworks schedule and discounts, READ ON!

Updated: Jul 1

Rend Lake E-Bike and Paddleboard Rentals Fireworks Schedule Rend Lake

Discover the best Fourth of July fireworks in Franklin County and around Rend Lake! Celebrate with Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals' special Surf and Turf offer: rent an electric bike plus a paddle board for $95 or an inflatable dock for $100. Use code SURFTURF24 at checkout. Reserve soon as supplies are limited! Celebrate safely on land and water with us this Independence Day

Read on for more information on Fourth of July Fireworks Schedule Rend Lake area!

Get ready to light up your 4th of July with an unforgettable adventure at Rend Lake! As we gear up for this patriotic holiday, we've got some exciting plans and specials to share with you.

Fireworks Schedule Rend Lake

Looking for the best spots to catch spectacular fireworks displays? You're in luck! Here are some public fireworks events happening around Franklin County:

These are just a few of the many fireworks shows happening around Rend Lake. Check local listings and event pages for more details and updates!

Rend Lake Firewords Schedule E-bike Paddleboards

Rend Lake E-bikes and Paddleboard or Swim Platform Specials!

We're excited to announce our exclusive 4th of July special – the Rend Lake Ebikes version of Surf and Turf! Treat yourself to a day of adventure with our special package deals:

  • Surf and Turf Option 1 - Bike and Paddle Board: Rent a bike and a paddle board for only $95! Explore the scenic bike trails and then hit the water for some paddle boarding fun.

  • Surf and Turf Option 2 - Bike and Inflatable Dock: Prefer a different kind of water adventure? Rent a bike and an inflatable dock for just $100! Perfect for lounging on the water and soaking up the sun.

Celebrate Safely and Responsibly

As we celebrate our nation's independence, it's important to do so safely, whether you're on the water or on land. Here at Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals, we encourage everyone to enjoy the festivities responsibly. Remember to:

  • Stay Hydrated: It's going to be a fun-filled day, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

  • Observe Fireworks Safety: If you're handling fireworks, follow all safety guidelines and laws.

  • Respect Nature: When biking or paddle boarding, respect the environment and leave no trace behind.

  • Designate a Driver: If you're enjoying alcoholic beverages, have a designated driver or use rideshare services.

These special packages are available as long as supplies last, so be sure to reserve yours soon! Use promo code SURFTURF24 at checkout to unlock these amazing deals.

At Rend Lake E-Bike & Paddleboard Rentals, we're dedicated to helping you create unforgettable memories this 4th of July. Whether you're biking, paddling, or relaxing on the water, we've got everything you need for an epic holiday celebration.

Don't miss out on the fun – book your e-bike or paddleboard rentals today and get ready for an Independence Day to remember!

Or Call: (618) 740-3707


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