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bike rend lake with rend lake elctric bike rental

Enjoy Rend Lake Your Way

Explore the over 20 miles of paved bike path for a family adventure, cruise around your campground with ease, or take the easy way to the beach! E-bikes are great way to enjoy Rend Lake!

Rend Lake National Recreation Trail: 19.4 miles

The Rend Lake Bike Trail in southern Illinois is a joint project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Rend Lake Conservancy District and the Rend Lake College.

The trail offers over 19 miles of paved trail that meanders through some of the most diverse and scenic habitat that Southern Illinois has to offer. The trail passes though bottomland hardwoods, restored prairie grasslands, wetlands and riparian ecosystems. Its most compelling scenic feature is Rend Lake, second-largest man-made lake in Illinois, with 19,000 acres and 162 miles of shoreline. 

The trail isn't quite complete and has a couple of breaks in it where road travel is required. Though our electric bikes are 100% road legal, we understand that this could be a challenge with the kids. We offer convenient pick up and drop off locations along the trail at the breaks in the path to keep you and the family safely recreating, relaxing and riding! Inquire below for more information!

bike rend lake map of scenic trail

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bike rend lake with rend lake elctric bike rental





bike rend lake with rend lake elctric bike rental
rend lake beaches and biking are great.
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