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Exploring the Pathways: Benton's Bicycle Master Plan and Your Voice

Nestled in the heart of scenic Southern Illinois, Benton boasts a charm that resonates with both residents and visitors alike. As the base of operations for Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals, we take pride in our community and its potential for growth, recreation, and connectivity. One exciting development that we're actively involved in is the Benton Bicycle Master Plan.

Whether you pedal daily or occasionally cruise on two wheels, your input holds immense value in shaping the future of biking in Benton. The Benton Bicycle Master Plan seeks your thoughts and suggestions to enhance biking experiences throughout our city. Through an online survey, you can contribute your ideas about preferred

routes, destinations, and any obstacles you've encountered while biking around Benton.

Share Your Insights and Shape the Future

A Collective Effort for Better Biking

This transformative endeavor is being steered by the Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission, in collaboration with the cities of Mt. Vernon and Benton. Our active involvement in the Benton Bicycle Master Plan reflects our commitment to the welfare of our city and the entire Rend Lake region. We're honored to serve on the advisory panel for this initiative, as it resonates with our core values of promoting safety, accessibility, and community well-being.

Charting a Path Forward

The Benton Bicycle Master Plan sets the stage for the future of biking in our city. With a focus on short, intermediate, and long-term goals, the plan will provide a roadmap for enhancing bike infrastructure, promoting safe routes, and nurturing a cycling-friendly environment. We're excited to witness the transformation of our community into a more bike-conscious and accessible destination.

Stay Informed, Stay Involved

As we journey towards a more connected and vibrant Benton, we encourage you to stay engaged with the progress of the Benton Bicycle Master Plan. Visit ( to learn more about this groundbreaking initiative, its timeline, and its potential impact on our beloved city.

Pedaling Towards Progress

At Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals, we believe in more than just providing exceptional outdoor experiences – we're deeply invested in the growth and prosperity of our community. Join us in supporting the Benton Bicycle Master Plan by taking the survey and sharing your insights. Your contributions will echo through the years, shaping Benton into a biking haven that benefits residents, visitors, and the environment.

Let's pedal together towards a brighter and more connected future for Benton!

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